About Us

Pink cotton factory was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 2005, we are specialized in Egyptian cotton products. We offers a variety of men, women and kids products. Pink cotton has unlimited design capabilities, high quality products and outstanding prices

Based on our belief of the importance of practical training next to theoretical study, we have established in 2014 a vocational school specialized in sewing to graduate a well-skilled and educated labours.

Pink cotton – USAID co-operative agreement

This program with the USAID ( US Agency for international development ) has been officially launched by the US ambassador in Egypt ( Mrs. Ann Paterson ) in March 2012 and has been successfully ended in June 2013, through program, Pink cotton trained 257 women on sewing craft, provided 215 job opportunities and 29 labours were educated and obtained an adult education certificate from the  AEA (Adult Education Authority )

Our vision

Our customer is our future, we believe that when our customers are happy and satisfied this is enough for us, this just tell us that we achieved our aims and realized the goals we were looking for.